The Archer from an Alternate Dimension

Published on May 25th, 2015no comments
This is just to close off this run with archers, last week, we released the (Green) Arrow paper toy based on the “Arrow” TV series. Debuting this week is the ...
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It’s Not Easy Being Green – The Arrow Paper Toy Now Available

Published on May 20th, 2015no comments
I’ve been wanting to design this paper toy ever since the “Arrow” TV series started airing – actually, ever since the character started showing up in the Justice League Unlimited ...
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Daredevil (Black) Paper Toy Now Available!

Published on May 11th, 20157 comment
Daredevil, in his black suit, based on the Netflix TV series. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this one – definitely appreciated the fight scenes and his “real-ish” mortality. Foggy Nelson was ...
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WIP Daredevil (Black) Paper Toy

Published on May 7th, 20154 comment
Hello All! Just posting an update of the Daredevil paper toy I’m putting together. Once I finish test-assembling it, I’ll upload the template in the downloads section. Should be done ...
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Guess Who! 050515

Published on May 5th, 201523 comment
I know this is a bit late, since everyone’s probably seen the entire season already by now, but hey, better late than never. This should be easy if you’ve been ...
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The Hulkbuster Paper Toy, Now Available!

Published on April 30th, 20152 comment
Well this paper toy was tough to do LOL I just realized how rusty I am in putting together a paper toy – I’m not that used to my graphic ...
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The Hulkbuster Paper Toy In Progress

Published on April 28th, 20157 comment
Hello there! I just wanted to share an update. This is what I have so far – the toy shape is based on the BRUTE template, but with some minor ...
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What to do next?

Published on April 14th, 201524 comment
So, I was thinking about ¬†which character to work on as my first paper craft project after a long hiatus. And I’ve been thinking about getting things started with this ...
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The Rumors of My … Ummm – Have Been Greatly Exaggerated!

Published on April 1st, 201515 comment
OH MY! It’s been more than a year since my last post – What happened? A number of things actually, which I’ll expound on below. But before anything else, I’d ...
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Guess Who 3

Published on November 21st, 201319 comment
So in the next few weeks, I’ll be releasing even more Crafty Collabs, but I’ll be including a few of non-collabs as well. ¬†Which characters in particular, some of you ...
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