Guess Who 3

Published on November 21st, 201315 comment
So in the next few weeks, I’ll be releasing even more Crafty Collabs, but I’ll be including a few of non-collabs as well.  Which characters in particular, some of you ...
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Crafty Collab: Nightwing Paper Toy

Published on November 18th, 20132 comment
We’ve got another Crafty Collab for y’all!  It’s another one from Rayenyson – the same dude who gave us the Superman,Iron Spider, and Doc Oc paper toys, just to name ...
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Crafty Collab: Silver Crow Paper Toy

Published on November 13th, 20133 comment
We have another Crafty Collab this month.  This time around, the paper toy is based on a character from the Accel World anime series.  The feature character is Silver Crow, ...
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Crafty Collab: Alex Mercer Paper Toy

Published on November 6th, 20133 comment
We start off this month with a uber Crafty Collab from the talented Mr. Emmo Hernández.  He is a student from México, who, much like many mexicans, really loves tacos!  Aside ...
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Crafty Collab: Superman Paper Toy

Published on October 7th, 20132 comment
Aaaand we’re back! This time around with a collab from Rayenyson, the same guy who gave us the Iron Spider and Doctor Octopus paper toys – just to name a ...
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Zelda + Link + Paper Toy…

Published on August 19th, 20135 comment
A looooong time ago, I mentioned in a post that I was making  a paper toy based on Link from the Legend of Zelda series.  The paper toy is finally ...
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The Trench Coats are Coming – Grifter

Published on July 31st, 20133 comment
Hey there kiddies! So I just realized that Grifter is part of the DC Universe.  It dawned on me when I saw him in the new DCU movie – Justice ...
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The Trench Coats are Coming – Dante

Published on July 24th, 2013one comment
Quick post… Dante is out. Grifter is next. Enjoy! The template can be downloaded here.  You’ll find the template in the Video Games section.  Subscribe to this blog to receive the ...
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The Trench Coats are Coming! – Gambit

Published on July 16th, 201313 comment
Hats off to all of you who cast their votes. The order of the “coated” has been decided and this is how it looks like: Gambit Dante Grifter Looks like ...
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The Trench Coats are Coming! – Last Call

Published on July 13th, 20135 comment
Alrighty then. Before I finalize the release schedule of the toys, I want to do one final call for votes to decide which character template I should finish off first ...
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