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I Got Jacked! and Some Quick Updates…

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

By “Jacked” I meant Jack Bauer, a character from a TV series called 24.  A friend made me watch an episode last December and I just kept on watching her DVDs till I finished all  8 seasons.  8 whole seasons in just under 2 months, good grief!

24 and my current workload at work explains why I haven’t been posting at all – just in case you were wondering 😉

My compliments to the 24 cast, writers, and production team. That was a truly fantastic ride!

One more thing, I’m flying to San Francisco to attend the Game Developer’s Conference this year.  That’s next week, March 5 and beyond.  Afterwards I fly to Vegas to visit some friends and family.  If you’re in the area and you’re free to meet up.  Let’s do so!  Contact me through this blog.  Happy to meet paper toy enthusiasts in that part of the globe.

And now back to paper…

I wrote a post a while back asking for any preferences on a theme for an independent model kit in book format – Superheroes or Elite Kill Squad?  That post received a lot of interesting feedback.  The verdict?  Well, I’ve decided to combine both into one ULTRA COOL MEGA THEME CONCEPT (Yes, it’s that cool).  Unfortunately, I can’t tell you that much about it just yet (else, I’ll have to kill you).  Just know that it is coming soon, sneak peeks and all.

Lastly, I’ve got a couple of crafty collabs coming your way in the next few weeks, plus a couple of tips for paper toys that you might find interesting.

Do check back in a few.


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