ActionCraft Toy Box, The Kickstarter Campaign!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to share a more information about what we’re doing with ActionCraft Toy Box. If you didn’t catch my previous post about it, no worries, go here then come back right after.

As mentioned previously, the current version of the app allows you to do these:

  • Choose from a number of themed models, so far we have 6 i.e. Knight, Sorceress, Soldier, Tech Girl, and 2 general model)
  • Customize your chosen model with pre-made textures and graphics
  • Email the final design to yourself to print later or you can print wirelessly

Meet 2 of our original characters, soon to star in their own paper toy story book!

We want to add a couple more features to make the app even better:
  • DRAWING TOOLS that will allow you to design your own textures/graphics
  • The GLOBAL PAPER TOY GALLERY where you can upload and share your designs with others

Mockup of the Drawing Tool Screen

Mockup of the Global Paper Toy Gallery Screen

So far, I’ve self-funded the app, but as you all know, developing an app like this needs a lot of effort and resources. Which is why I’m reaching out to all of you for support – since you’ll likely  be using the app anyway, why not help me finish it, right?

Let's Kickstart this baby!

I’m going to run a KICKSTARTER Campaign this June. It’s going to start this June 20 and end early August of this year. Kickstarter is a crowd funding site that helps people like me develop something like ActionCraft Toy Box for you with your help. You can find out more about Kickstarter here.

I’m running the campaign to add the features I described above, plus depending on how much support you can provide, a few other cool things I think you’ll definitely like.

For almost half a decade now, I’ve shared a lot of free paper toys through this blog. Those same toys were downloaded from around the world, showcased in galleries, featured in craft workshops and classes, as well as re-posted or shared through different websites and blogs.

I like to think that anyone who has downloaded any of my designs had as much fun with them as much as I’ve had fun making them. I set out to build this app so that you yourself can experience even more fun creating and sharing your own designs with others. That, as well as make it easy for you to make your own paper toy action figures to play with your friends and family or just for display.

Sound good so far? If so, COOL!

This project is VERY IMPORTANT to me – I hope it’s something that you can appreciate enough to support. Tell all your cool craft y friends and relatives about the ActionCraft Toy Box Kickstarter campaign. Ask them to support it. Every bit of help we can get for this project will really help us finish the app as well as give you a very cool tool to use and create with. Just imagine the many creative things you can do with it.

I’ll tell you more about the ActionCraft Toy Box Kickstarter Campaign in the next few days – like one of the great things about Kickstarter – THE REWARDS!

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for the app itself, let me know – maybe we can still squeeze them in.

That’s it for now.



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8 Responses to “ActionCraft Toy Box, The Kickstarter Campaign!”

  1. Cosmo13 says:

    So far it sounds great dude. I will definitely go over to kickstarter to help out. I really like your idea so i wanna help. Keep up the great work.

  2. James Ronald Lo says:

    Thank you very much! I’m happy to hear that you appreciate what we’re doing. Do spread the word please, we need all the help we can get 😉

  3. WuLongTi says:

    sounding good man! Once you have a “call to action” ready I’ll start sharing it w/ my social networks ^__^

  4. super secret guy/Luke says:

    can you do dr. who papercrafts

  5. James Ronald Lo says:

    Thanks dude!
    I’ll let you know as soon as the page is live.


  6. James Ronald Lo says:

    Dr Who is doable. You can also use the app to make a Dr. Who paper toy 😉 Which doctor did you have in mind?

  7. edkij says:

    Great idea! Customazing will be more simple!
    Badly, that i haven’t money to donate this;(
    But i’m with you in my mind.

  8. James Ronald Lo says:

    Hi edkij

    It’s actually not a donation, think of it as more of an advanced purchase – to help us finish the app plus you get rewards in return in addition to the satisfaction that you made the project possible.

    If you can’t pledge at the moment, you can support us by spreading the word around – tell your friends and family, specially those with kids. They might like what we’re doing and decide to back us.

    Thanks in advance!

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