ActionCraft Toy Box, The Kickstarter Launch Party!

Before I forget, we’re having a launch party on the day the ActionCraft Toy Box Kickstarter Campaign goes live. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go here for more info about the project, and here to know more about the new features we want to add to complete the app through Kickstarter.

Oh, and since you’re already jumping from page to page, might as well like our Facebook page here. Think of it as exercise 😉 Come on, skip to it!

Yes, it's time to party - paper toy style!

The launch will be held at the Adult Recreation Center located at 201 E Colorado St in Glendale on June 20, from 3 to 5pm. If you’re good at using Google Maps (I know I’m not), go here for directions.

Yes, it's called the Adult Recreation Center - stop laughing! The place is cool BTW.

If you’re in the area, do drop by. The event will be great for the kids. We’re going to have story telling, a paper toy workshop, and IF you ask nicely, we’ll let you try the latest prototype of ActionCraft Toy Box.

The prototype in action! That's the on/off button for viewing props in the editor!!!

If you’re interested to back us on Kickstarter, we can walk you through the process at the venue.

If you have decided that you’re going to back us because you like what we’re doing (and because you’re a good and loving person) it would be best to do so on the day of the launch itself – if we reach over 30% of our funding goal on the first day, it increases our chances of being prominently featured on Kickstarter, which increases our chances of reaching our target!

Last but not least, there will be PIZZA! The official food of #actioncrafters all over the world!

I apologize to all the artists in the audience for using Comic Sans XD

Seriously though, it’s a fun and creative way to spend 2 hours of your time with the kids, nephews, nieces, friends, and BFFs! Don’t forget to RSVP, we have limited slots!

See you there!


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8 Responses to “ActionCraft Toy Box, The Kickstarter Launch Party!”

  1. Cosmo13 says:

    Dang dude i hope everything goes well. Unfortunately im in New York. But i will be ready for the weekend to support. Have fun.

  2. James Ronald Lo says:

    Should be fun – the first of many craft parties I hope 😉 Your support on the weekend is greatly appreciated.

    Re NY, I actually go over there at least once a year for work stuff.
    WulongTi is based there too. Should meet up some time – paper crafters of the world unite!

  3. cosmo13 says:

    That will be cool.

  4. WuLongTi says:

    Good Luck man, we’re all pulling for you! I wish I could get to your galla, sounds like a good time 🙂

  5. James Ronald Lo says:

    Thanks man! We can always shoot to organize one in the NY area – like some sort of arts and crafts festival or something. Happy to brainstorm with you and Cosmo13, maybe right around ToyCon or another contextually-appropriate event. Let me know what you think.

  6. James Ronald Lo says:

    Hey cosmo13, check out the mini discussion thread I’m having with WuLongTi below this thread of ours. You might find it interesting 😉

  7. WuLongTi says:

    Toyfair is in February so that might be a bit farther out than you’d like. Maker Faire NYC is going to be in September though. It’s late for the Kickstarter but could be a great time to show off your app, have several printers setup, some tables, supplies. could be a good time for kids (and kids at heart) to play and assemble their own paper toys.

  8. James Ronald Lo says:

    Thanks for your suggestion – I’ve been eyeing Maker Fair for a while now. I did not know they had it in NYC. I just have to justify expenses – then again, depending on how this Kickstarter campaign goes, who knows LOL.

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