Caption Tuesdays! 2011 – 12

We’re just about done with the first quarter of the new year.  How’s it going so far ?  Time flies real fast, eh.

Today, I present the 12th caption challenge ( time flies indeed ).  This week’s image still features the iron dudes and friend!

Caption Away!

Enter your cool caption for this image in the comments section below.

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9 Responses to “Caption Tuesdays! 2011 – 12”

  1. James Ronald Lo says:

    War Machine: Gasp! ( jealous )

  2. Diego says:

    War Machine: Guys? GUYS! Are you even listening to me!?!

  3. fbdhsfvb says:

    War Machine:what about me (crying).

  4. Maco says:

    War Machine: ForeverAlone.jpg

  5. Andrew says:

    Whiplash: Check out the new whip.

  6. James Ronald Lo says:

    War Machine: I feel so out of place

  7. Adrian says:

    Tony: “I told James he can’t be a ninja with just a black suit. The glowing chest kinda gives you away….”

  8. vincey00 says:

    war machine: are you guys ready to kill scorpio
    whiplash: are you gay
    iron man: no Im not you idiot
    war machine: listen you idiots both of you are gay

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