Caption Tuesdays! 2011 – 26

Okay, it’s time for more captioning!

This should be fun to work with:

Enter your cool caption for this image in the comments section below.

Caption Away!

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6 Responses to “Caption Tuesdays! 2011 – 26”

  1. James Ronald Lo says:

    Pike: Samurai, that’s enough, get off the bike now!!! It’s time to let the other kids ride the bike.

    Samurai: Wheee!!!

  2. WuLongTi says:

    SS: It never fails when you’re running late, you get stopped at every school crossing waiting for a bunch of kids to cross the road…

  3. James Ronald Lo says:

    Okay kids, hold hands, look left and right, then walk across the street. Watch out for that Samurai on the bike.

  4. onederjello says:

    Wolverine: Stop that Samruai! He owes us a lot of money!
    Pike: Oh yeah! Get in line, I’m taking his bike.

  5. Adrian says:

    Samurai: “Damn road tests! I dodged the mob of superheroes and crash into the midget!”

  6. onederjello says:


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