Downloads: Cartoons


You can download paper toy templates of your favorite cartoon characters from this page.  Just scroll down to see the available toys and click the image to download the file.

Ben 10: Ben Tennyson

Generator Rex: Rex

Generator Rex: Bits

Legend of Korra: Amon

Phantom_2040 by Alonso Baŭtista Viĵalobos

Silver Crow by FM

17 Responses to “Downloads: Cartoons”

  1. awan says:

    ai coloka um papercraft dos thundercats

  2. James Ronald Lo says:

    Yeah, I want to make those too. Which ones are you thinking of though, the reboot or the one’s from the ’80s?

  3. jordan says:

    hey ronald im in the uk so im getting used to the figures. could u by any chance make mario or luigi or a challenge bowser

  4. James Ronald Lo says:

    Hey Jordan,

    Possible. I’ll get back to you on that. Cheers!

  5. caezar says:

    great selection dude. can you add armor in your collections? say, gundam suits and weapons that will neatly fits any from your collections? thanks dude!

  6. James Ronald Lo says:

    Possible, I was actually watching a lot of Gundam while designing the removable armor. Just wait and see what I’m cooking up. A bit busy at this time though, so nothing like that any time soon.


  7. awan says:

    ae ai papercraft put the thundercats please put them all please

  8. caezar dela cruz says:

    thanks for the reply dude.hey, just wondering if you can do twilight saga?

  9. Samuel says:

    It would be nice if you could do all the characters of Avatar: the last airbender
    It would be really cool.

  10. James Ronald Lo says:

    Yeah, when I have more time I guess.
    Just a bit busy at the moment.
    Thanks for the suggestion.

  11. James Ronald Lo says:

    Hey Caezar,

    Thanks for the inquiry.
    Nope, I haven’t considered doing them yet.
    I’m not that familiar with those characters.


  12. James Ronald Lo says:

    Hey Awan.

    At this time, I have Tigra (from the series reboot) on my todo list.
    I’ll consider doing the others though, if I receive more requests for them.


  13. James says:

    can you make a template on tsunayoshi sawada of reborn?
    I’ll be happy if you will do that!

  14. blueboy says:

    how about putting looney tunes

  15. James Ronald Lo says:

    We’ll see. No promises. Cheers!

  16. James Ronald Lo says:

    Possible, no promises though. Those would require a lot of different templates, which means a lot of work on my end. Assuming I find the time of course, it can happen 😉

  17. Viraj says:

    Can you make Scooby do and the gang and their mystery machine that’s really cool

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