Downloads: DC Universe


You can download paper toy templates of your favorite DC characters from this page.  Just scroll down to see the available toys and click the image to download the file.

——————————   THE BAT FAMILY   ——————————

Batman Beyond

Bane, Batman TAS
Bane, The Dark Knight Rises

Catwoman, The Dark Knight Rises

Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises

The Grifter based on Jim Lee's Wildcats

The Joker - A Crafty Collaboration with Austin Billingsley

Red Hood

The Archer

The Archer


——————————   JUSTICE LEAGUE   ——————————

Superman - A Crafty Collaboration with

The Arrow

——————————   YOUNG JUSTICE   ——————————


Kid Flash - A Crafty Collaboration with

Red Arrow


Nightwing - A Crafty Collaboration with

Young Justice – Superboy – A Crafty Collaboration with

38 Responses to “Downloads: DC Universe”

  1. Maro says:

    So cute! thanks <3

  2. Miniman says:

    Would you ever make a nightwing for the DC Universe

  3. James Ronald Lo says:

    Hi Miniman,

    Yes, Nightwing will be released sometime this year. Cheers!

  4. rayenyson says:

    i did nightwing

  5. James Ronald Lo says:

    Yep, Rayenyson did a fantastic Nightwing based on the character from the Young Justice TV series. I’ll be releasing it in a doubleheader later this year, along with my Nightwing 52 version. BTW what do you think of the Talons from the Night of the Owls story arc?

  6. rayenyson says:

    i googled it and seems interesting. the talons looks similar to night owl from watchmen. =)

  7. James Ronald Lo says:

    Yeah, you’re right, now that you mentioned it.

  8. jordan says:

    hey can yo do super man from young justice or superboy in the solar suit which is white from kr

  9. James Ronald Lo says:

    Hi Jordan,

    Rayenyson completed his version of Superman just recently. I’ll release that along with some other DC characters later this year.

    As for Superboy, do you mean the white suit he wore in the first episode of the first season of the Young Justice TV series? If so, yes, I intend to make a paper toy of that one sometime soon. I’ll release

  10. nick says:

    have you ever thought to make a green lantern or even a aquaman (i know he is lame but still)

  11. nick says:

    sorry to bother you again with another request i just have a lot of ideas but what would you say about a jason voorhees from the friday the 13th franchise or a freddy kruger from Nightmare on Elm st

  12. blobydob says:

    hey can u do a teen titans collection

  13. James Ronald Lo says:

    Yep, Teen Titans are on the list. I’ve got a few of them in the downloads section already. Go check them out if you haven’t yet.

  14. Dawn Lodded says:

    Yo! are you planing on doing some more dc heroes? I was thinking on deadpool? if it has been done already, excuse me for asking for the link! … please?

  15. James Ronald Lo says:

    Hey Dawn,

    Deadpool is waiting for you in the Marvel section 😉

  16. Emmo Hernández says:

    Hello! I was wondering if you would do the Justice League in a future… It would be great 🙂

  17. Luke says:

    can you make the flash

  18. super secret guy says:

    can you make teen titans go

  19. James Ronald Lo says:

    Batman is done, and someone else did a Superman – which I’ll be posting about soon, so we’re almost there LOL.

  20. James Ronald Lo says:

    Hey Nick,

    Sorry for the delayed reply.
    I actually like both characters.
    Someone suggested a Justice League series, and Superman and Bats are done, so maybe, just maybe…

  21. James Ronald Lo says:

    Likely not since I’ve done Young Justice already – but I can probably add characters to that. Close enough?

  22. James Ronald Lo says:

    For consideration 😉

  23. James Ronald Lo says:

    Jason maybe – for Holloween. No promises though 😉

  24. James Ronald Lo says:


  25. Emmo Hernández says:

    I´ve already made another version of Catwoman: The Arkham Catwoman (from Batman Arkham Videogames). It looks really awesome… Would you like me to share it with you?

  26. James Ronald Lo says:

    Of course 😉
    Message me via the contact thingy up top on the right 😉

  27. arn says:

    can i do man of steel

  28. James Ronald Lo says:

    Go for it!

  29. super secret guy says:

    i was hopeing you could do beast boy starfire raven cyborg and maby a new robin

  30. super secret guy says:


  31. James Ronald Lo says:

    Cyborg, maybe, the others I’m hoping someone can do a collab of them.

  32. luke says:

    please make beast boy

  33. ryan says:

    So, the year has long ended, will you still release nightwing?

  34. James Ronald Lo says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the follow up. As you may have noticed, I am currently catching up on a lot of toy releases. Nightwing will be released this month 😉


  35. clifton says:

    can you do the rest of young justice

  36. James Ronald Lo says:

    We’ll probably make a new series for Young Justice-inspired paper toy designs in the future. Likely when Season 3 comes out. Fingers crossed it falls through 😉 It would be a happy day when it does.

  37. El Emmo says:

    This sounds so cool!

  38. James Ronald Lo says:


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