Downloads: Kaiju


You can download paper toy templates of your favorite Kaiju characters from this page.  Just scroll down to see the available toys and click the image to download the file.

Anguirus by Shaun Breedlove

Baragon by Shaun Breedlov

Gamera by Shaun Breedlove

Gigan by Shaun Breedlove

Godzilla 1954 by Shaun Breedlove

Gyaos by Shaun Breedlove

MechaGodzilla by Shaun Breedlove

Mothra by Shaun Breedlove



7 Responses to “Downloads: Kaiju”

  1. Dawn Lodded says:

    Yo! I was wondering, can you do a template of ultraman? or ultraseven, he’s my f*cking childhood hero and I’d really apreciate it if you can help me get a mini ultra, I’m really bad at drawing, tried doing a template and failed miserably.


    Ultraman (without cape)


    Help this old dude be happy once again, thank you anymays.

  2. blue boy says:

    I know a great place to find kaiju.

  3. blueboy says:

    can you make Titanosaurus

  4. James Ronald Lo says:

    A job for Shaun Breedlove perhaps?

  5. Shaun says:

    haha, I was searching the archives and found your comment by chance. I’ve already made titanosaurus. Keep an eye out on my new blog. I’ll probably up load him soon.

  6. Shaun says:

    I actually think there is one of ultraman.

  7. destrotahraptor says:

    I just thought of something cool ,why don’t you make a kiryu paper toy.

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