Heihachi Paper Toy – The Making of a King Part 3

The King of Iron Fist Tournament

The King of Iron Fist Tournament

Heihachi – the King of Iron Fist Tournament, ready for download for a local, imaginary, paper toy, Tekken tournament near you.

I’ve mentioned in part 2 of this series that I added some detail to the graphic of this paper toy. Nothing fancy really, just some minor embellishments here and there.  You wont see them in the pictures that I posted, but they’ll be in the downloadable template. I am referring to those artsy details inside the red orange circles in the pic below 😉

Additional details

Additional details

I also included simple instructions on how to insert the different limbs. But if you prefer to not make use of the option to change his arms/pose every so often, just glue your favorite arm/pose to the appropriate location in the body, and you’re done. No big deal.

How to insert an arm

How to insert an arm

Download the template here.  Dont forget to sign up first so you can receive the download password in the mail.  Registration is free, just enter your email address in the subscribe field at the right-hand side of the page header.

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8 Responses to “Heihachi Paper Toy – The Making of a King Part 3”

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  4. rondo10 says:

    Hey VinsArt,

    Your paper toys are cool too.

  5. TGM says:

    How cute! And nice work. Why don’t you try to do Jin(from tekken too)? Thats my fav character of this game ^-^

  6. rondo10 says:

    Hi TGM,

    Thanks for the comment. Very much appreciated.

    Yes, Jin is somewhere on my to do list. Was thinking of doing a Devil Jin actually, complete with horns and wings.

    Plenty of stuff in the works, just need to free up some time.

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