Locking Methods Part 1 – Kickoff

Recently, I came across an old book of mine. Its a packaging book that I purchased when I used to do a lot of graphic design. In that book, I found a bunch of templates for all sorts of boxes and containers.  Included in the book are a number of locking methods for boxes. Very useful I think for paper toy designers, specially for those who like to go glueless.

Various Locking Methods

Various Locking Methods

So I thought of sharing it with the community.

In this tutorial series, I intend to experiment with each method and share with you my “findings” – how it works, how useful it is for paper toy development, and so on.  I’m going to do this step by step, most-likely in batches, so dont expect all the results and findings all at the same time.  In case you want to experiment along with me, I’ve uploaded a vector file of the first batch of locks that I want to cover in the downloads section.  Feel free to post your comments and suggestions.  It’s always nice to hear ideas from other enthusiasts.

You can download the vector file of the first batch of locking methods HERE. You’ll need an access code, so sign up and you’ll receive the password in the mail.  The next post on this topic will be on Slit, Pile, and Notch locks.

Cheers for now!

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    Cool, thanks for visiting.

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