Project SP – Behind the Scenes 01

Hey All!

Before the world wide web is engulfed by the rising Dark Knight, I’d like to share a bit of what’s to come from the world of Paper Toy Adventures.

Sharing just a bit, nothing more, for now 😉

We’re all looking forward to finally launch this project.

Watch out for more bits in the near future.

In the meantime, what do you think so far?  Do sound off in the comments section.  It would be great to hear your feedback.


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7 Responses to “Project SP – Behind the Scenes 01”

  1. WuLongTi says:

    OOOoooo! very nice mate, I look forward to seeing where you go from here 😀

  2. Shadree says:


    Looks like a cartoon series I’d watch.

  3. junior says:

    hi. first want to say that this new model is really fantastic, the appearance is more human than the other models, having well-defined parts I think it easier to create characters that I think a little hard to create characters with legs embedded in the body (in this model the legs are more defined), even with so many differences this model has not lost the way “paper toy” mostly because of the square head which I think is very striking in their models (I think this feature should not be lost never). I do not know if they’ll be exactly like the picture but I do not particularly like the yellowish skin tone (I prefer more natural tones) except this they are perfect. bye, and I hope that my comment helped or stimulated you

  4. junior says:

    and speaking of new models, you should create models with four arms (preferably to be muscular body) there are many characters that need to be made ​​four arms. like four arms / ben 10, goro / mortal combat, manny armstrong / ben 10, General Grievous / star wars, Sheeva / mortal combat, thark / John Carter (this is very cool), and some Pokemon. I think it would be success

  5. James Ronald Lo says:

    Hey Junior,

    It really all depends on the amount of time I have available to design new templates.
    Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll be sure to consider it when time allows.


  6. Gary says:

    Hey James !

    “Project SP” is definitely a winner ! I like the new design of figure, particularly the legs. I hope you will post a Project SP type blank template soonest ! However, I am not a fan of block heads, I prefer something like the polygonal heads of the Chibi and Hetalia papercraft figures, or round/tube heads like Lego Minifigs or HamHeadz. Also, I would prefer that the hands be a bit smaller. What I might do then is modify the Project SP body with Chibi/Hetalia-type heads, and reduce the hand/arms by about 30%. I am already experimenting accordingly with your Contender Basic template, I hope you don’t mind !

    Keep up the great work, Maraming Salamat Po !

    Your Fan,


  7. James Ronald Lo says:

    Hi Gary,


    Thanks for the kind comments.

    I’ve got big plans for SP. I just can’t share a lot about it yet, even if I’ve been itching to do so.

    I designed the legs that way so I can have more freedom with the legs – specifically so the characters are easily able to ride on vehicles, mechs, and so on – the Contender template doesn’t really lend itself well to that. Case in point, the bike (PILIT PARE!).

    I’ve actually been experimenting with rounder heads, unfortunately, I’m not happy with the results, but I’m getting there. Check out the Surfer Dude in the misc section if you haven’t yet).

    I kept the “boxy” look for the SP templates to maximize the props and equipment already available through the contenders.

    I’m also thinking of adding joints, but what’s stopping me is my preference to keep everything simple for the people who assemble the templates. I guess I need to think about it further, that or simplify the joint system I cooked up.

    Feel free to play around with the template. I’m always looking forward to see what other people do with them. I’m just glad that people like ’em. I’d appreciate it if you can share them with me – I’d be happy to write a post about it 😉

    Thanks again for commenting bro.



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