Tips ‘n Tricks: How To Assemble The Cape

This is long overdue.

I’ve been meaning to write, for some time now, a series of visual, step-by-step, tutorials on how to assemble the paper toys released from this site, most especially for the Contender template.  As you know, the Contender has many different variations, and it is always helpful to have instructions handy.

That said, this then is the first installment.  I will also create a special section for tutorials for easy access.  That page should be up next week.

And now, the tutorial proper, which is very timely as a number of the next toy releases have capes.


How To Assemble The Cape

Template: The Contender

STEP 1: Cut

STEP 2: Fold

STEP 3: Review

STEP 4: Position and attach to the neck




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2 Responses to “Tips ‘n Tricks: How To Assemble The Cape”

  1. Slash Kizar says:

    I had no idea how to make it! XD

  2. James Ronald Lo says:

    Hey Slash,

    I’m very glad you found it useful. I have more tutorials coming up in the next few weeks. Watch out for them 😉

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