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The Archer from an Alternate Dimension

Monday, May 25th, 2015

This is just to close off this run with archers, last week, we released the (Green) Arrow paper toy based on the “Arrow” TV series. Debuting this week is the “Archer” from the WB animated film “Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths“. It’s the Green Arrow’s equivalent from a parallel universe. I based the template on the the designs of the very talented Phil Bourassa – you should check his stuff out here.

You talkin' to me?

The template can be downloaded here.  You’ll find the template in the DC Universe section.  Subscribe to this blog to receive the password in the mail and gain access to the downloads section.  Registration is free, just enter your email address in the subscribe field at the right-hand side of the page header.

That’s it for now.



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Paper Toy Inspiration: Green “Arrow”, The TV Series!

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

I’m sure you’ve seen this trailer floating around in cyber space.  I thought I’d share it here anyway, just in case.

From the trailer, the show seems promising.  Nothing against the fans, but I think “Arrow” is going to be much better than “Smallville”, just my view of course 😉  This is probably because Green Arrow is one of my favorite characters in the DC universe LOL.

And yes, I’m definitely releasing a Green Arrow paper toy in the future, I’ve always been a fan.  I loved the OVAs where he’s  featured in (Even his alternate version – the one where he sports a red hood instead of a green one).  I just need to decide on which costume to go with.  That said, as always, regarding the costume, please do give me  suggestions.

One thing’s for sure, I’m definitely going to make one with a hood, and not with the robin hood type hat. LOL.



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