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The Trench Coats are Coming!

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

So I’ve been going through my paper toy files from a while back and was immediately reminded of the many toy projects that I left hanging due to my hiatus (shame on me).  One of those projects was the Trench Coat series – simply put, a series of paper toys that feature characters wearing (GASP!) trench coats.

The Trench Coats are Coming Very Soon...

As you can see, the first batch includes Grifter, Dante, and Gambit.  That said, as I get back into the swing of things and eventually release these bad boys for all of you to download and enjoy, I would like to know in what order you want them to be released – this is because although I am back for the time being, I still have a lot of stuff on my plate regardless.  I still need to clean up the templates and would like to know which one to prioritize for release.

Which one should I release first?  

  • Grifter with trench coat and guns
  • Dante with trench coat, guns, and sword
  • Gambit wit trench coat, quarter staff, and cards

The release dates for these can vary by weeks or months, so if you really want a character to be released sooner than later, now is the time to vote and be heard.  PM me through the contact box on the right or just sound off in the comments section below.  Obviously, the character with the most votes gets released first 😉

That’s it for now, Cheers!




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Paper Toy Blanks: Rondo, Basic

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Well this took a while.  The first-ever template launched from this site is now finally released as a blank, ready to be customized by your creativity.

The template is available here.  Subscribe to this blog to receive the password in the mail and gain access to the downloads section.  Registration is free, just enter your email address in the subscribe field at the right-hand side of the page header.

Rondo, Basic

Just like the other blanks, the template is free to use.  My only request is to be given due credit and a link to this site.   Please do send me images of your customs and your template ( message me first through the contact form ) as well as your site addresses and download links so I can make a post about it.  I look forward to seeing all the awesome customs!

For more information about Rondo, go here.

That’s all for now.  Cheers!

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