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After a Long Hiatus, We Go Back Online to Finally Bring You ActionCraft Toy Box

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

The past few months have been tough ones. Following our successful Kickstarter Campaign, we went straight to work on the mobile application we set out to build.

Fastforward to where we are today, Actioncraft Toy Box, the app that allows you to design and customize your own paper toy using the our very own (contender) template, is now on the app stores in soft launch. It has been for a couple of months now actually – we just gave our AWESOME KICKSTARTER BACKERS first dibs on the app itself since they were so nice to support us, hence the reason why I’m announcing this just now.

Meanwhile, the actioncraft dev team has been hard at work adding new features as well as a bunch of cool goodies into the app. You will see them soon enough, just as soon as we complete our Quality Assurance tests for the latest version. Once the app has been submitted to both Apple and Google app stores, I will let you know.

ACTB Version 2

The Superhero Update is Coming Soon…

What to expect in the upcoming build? Bug fixes, drawing features, stickers, textures, and a boatload of new toys to play with. Just a hint, expect to see a lot of toy designs of superheroes INSPIRED by  the slew of superhero movies we’ve been watching lately 😉

And to answer your questions – yes the app will be FREE, so you can have access to a lot of the app’s crafty goodness without having to spend for anything. However, we do have OPTIONAL advertisements that will help us earn some moolah so we can keep on churning out cool toys for you to play with – that’s right, us paper toy creators need to eat too.

Anyway, I’ll be posting more about the new superhero designs in the next few days so check back soon.


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