The Knight of Rondo

Very busy here in the land of Paper Toy Adventures, plenty of stuff happening in the background. I’ll post more info here when I have more to share, so check back once in a while.

In the meantime, allow me to introduce you to Rondo’s long lost brother… LOL

Separated at birth?

Separated at birth?

I just wanted to try out new props, like a couple of swords (long and short) as well as a shield.  In hindsight, I think I should have made a helmet too, the type that comes off.  Bummer, maybe next time.

Also, while reviewing the original Rondo template, I found that I could further simplify the assembly process by switching parts around.  So I did some modifications to the keylines and the result is a 6 step process instead of 7.   Neato!

The Knight of Rondo is available in the downloads section.  You’ll need a password so best for you to sign up, you’ll receive the password in the mail.  If you experience any sign-up issues, do let me know, I’d be happy to assist you.

Coming soon, the Penguin Mafia or a bunch of monsters, whatever I get to finish first.

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3 Responses to “The Knight of Rondo”

  1. hadzry says:

    nice bro.. i like it..

  2. rondo10 says:

    Thanks bro. I hope you like the new ones I’m currently working on. Will post them soon.


  3. iyan says:

    i very like it

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