The Rumors of My … Ummm – Have Been Greatly Exaggerated!


It’s been more than a year since my last post – What happened?

A number of things actually, which I’ll expound on below. But before anything else, I’d like to confirm that I am very much alive and kicking.

And now for a bunch of answers to a question:

Why haven’t I been posting? Plenty of reasons actually, and here they are:

  1. I lost my access to the blog (DON’T LAUGH) and didn’t have time to recover it until recently.
  2. I’ve been busy with work – I have this game dev company that works with different clients. Running it is no joke, and it eats up a lot of time.
  3. My team has been working on the first of our Hyper Games episodic series – currently in limited soft launch, due for official release this year.
  4. We’ve been working on MashUP Tactics too, also due for release very soon (fingers crossed) Check out our page and like it!!!
  5. Most importantly, for all the GREAT PAPER TOY ENTHUSIASTS out there,  I’ve also been working on this:

Coming very soon to an app store near you...

You like?

More details to come in later posts 😉

For now, I just wanted to say a big HELLO to anyone who’s still out there.

That’s all for now.



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22 Responses to “The Rumors of My … Ummm – Have Been Greatly Exaggerated!”

  1. WuLongTi says:

    This looks fantastic man, I can’t wait to start playing around with it 😀

  2. James Ronald Lo says:

    Soon 😉

  3. Luke says:

    I new you would be back people stopped commenting so i thought everyone thought you were done but i new you wouldn’t quit i am so happy your back

  4. Luke says:

    what was the guess who 3 and who was impersonating me on the internet perhaps we will never knoiw

  5. super secret guy says:

    i just want to clear up that my secret identity is luke the guy that just commented

  6. super secret guy/Luke says:

    Can you do handsome jack from borderlands

  7. James Ronald Lo says:

    Hey Luke,

    Great to hear from you.
    So just to clarify further, are you “super secret guy” then?

  8. James Ronald Lo says:

    Awww man! I don’t even know who that guy is – I am getting old.

    I can’t take requests at this time – although I will be releasing toys again, it won’t be as frequent as used to. I just have a lot of stuff on my plate and not enough time to do all of them. This is the real reason why I started development on the paper toy app – so that anyone out there can easily design and customize their own toys using my templates without having to go through me.

    That said, I’m not saying I won’t consider doing Handsome Jack in the future, I just can’t commit to it right now.

    Thanks for understanding.

  9. Frinz Pile says:

    DUDE, I frickin missed this site! Can’t wait for the app to come out!

  10. arn says:

    did you like my iron man?

  11. super secret guy/Luke says:

    can you mabey google him

  12. super secret guy/Luke says:

    can you do FNAF

  13. super secret guy/Luke says:

    five nights at freddys

  14. James Ronald Lo says:

    Can you resend it? I can’t seem to find it in my files, I also checked my inbox, but no dice. I’m sure it’s cool though.

  15. James Ronald Lo says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. I’m focusing on the current list of characters to do for now. I’ll consider suggestions afterward.

  16. Gmonkey2k says:

    When can we exspect the app?

  17. James Ronald Lo says:

    Sometime this year hopefully. I’ll start posting more about it in the next few weeks so you guys know what to expect. Do you know people who are looking forward to the app?

  18. Gmonkey2k says:

    Me amd a few of my friends and family 🙂

  19. James Ronald Lo says:

    Cool! Where are you guys based? Do you want to be part of the super secret development thread? It’s where the dev team discusses the app as we make it. You’d be able to comment on it and suggest stuff. I’m not sure I can get you in since they might get distracted LOL but I can ask the producer 😉

  20. James Ronald Lo says:


  21. James Ronald Lo says:

    Nice to hear that. It feels great to be appreciated LOL

  22. super secret guy/Luke says:


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