The Villains Gallery Part 3B: The Joker!

The Joker, the latest Crafty Collab is now available for download.

Many thanks go out to Austin Billingsley, for putting this villain together.  Austin’s many interests include art, music, and Godzilla.  He’s been doing digital painting for two years now and so far, he’s done around 60 of them.  Go check out some of his paintings here.  He uses a free drawing application called GIMP to create his paintings, he also used the same software to create the Joker template.

"Pick a card, any card..."

“I don’t wanna kill you, what would I do without you? Go back to rippin’ off mob dealers… no, no, no… no you, you complete me.”

Note that I did do some modifications on Austin’s original template.  This is so Joker gets to hold his pistol and cards.  For some tips on how do just that, go check out this series of  posts I made a while back.

Part1   Part2   Part3

I’m probably going to release a series of “how to” posts to show how to put together the templates released from this site, likely compile the TUTs in a separate page for easy access.  Hopefully a bunch of you will find that useful.

Okay, that’s it for now.

Come back next week to find out who the next Villain is going to be.



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8 Responses to “The Villains Gallery Part 3B: The Joker!”

  1. junior says:

    hi. I am again. the joker is very well designed, and it’s really cool playing with the gun. very cool

  2. James Ronald Lo says:

    Hi! Thanks for featuring Joker on your blog. Do continue to spread the word, the more people who know about the free paper toys on this blog, the better! Cheers!

  3. Shakybird says:

    It’s really sad that Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao lost against Bradley… Really nice toy btw! I also liked your Manny “Pacman” toy! Thanky you!

  4. James Ronald Lo says:

    Hi Junior,

    Great that you liked it!
    Thanks go out to Austin Billingsley for taking the time to make the template.


  5. James Ronald Lo says:

    Hey Shakybird,

    It was bound to happen at some point.

    I like my Pacquiao toy as well. It started the entire contender series. Thanks for the comment, it’s very much appreciated.


  6. viry says:

    hi again well sorry but how i download? i dont know how =S

  7. James Ronald Lo says:

    Just go the downloads section. Sign up and wait for the confirmation message along with the password in your mailbox. You can start downloading then. Good luck!

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