WIP: The New Age of Apocalypse ( AOA ) Paper Toys

Just before we release the Avengers – related movie paper toys, let’s do this batch first.

For all you young ‘uns in the audience, ” Age of Apocalypse ” was one of the biggest crossovers in Mavel’s comic book universe.  The series gives you a glimpse of what would happen if Professor X died and Apocalypse ruled the world.

For me, I got a kick out of seeing how the different X teams turned out in the story.  Also, being a very visual person, I especially liked the costume make overs of a number of characters.

10 years later, Marvel came out with a limited series ” The New of Age of Apocalypse “.  It was sort of an update on what’s happened to the characters years after the big crossover.  This one I especially liked because it was penciled by Chris Bachalo, one of my favorite comic book artists ever.  I honestly buy comic books ( sometimes ) by this guy just because he penciled them – him and Joe Madureira.  😉

For a brief summary on what happened in the limited series, go here.  If you want to read the book and check out the GORGEOUS artwork, I suggest you get yourself a copy.  To make things easier, I’ve added a link to Amazon, just click on the image to bring you to the page.

Get yourself a copy now!

So anyway, if any of you have been keeping tabs on my to do list, I’ve decided to create paper toys based on selected characters from the series.  Note that I am still undecided on which ones to do exactly – what I’m looking for are characters that look cool ( thanks to Bachalo ) and the ones that have accessories – because paper toys with accessories are much more fun to do.

I’m definitely going to make Silver Samurai and MAYBE Wolverine ( My issue with Logan is that I already did a Wolverine paper toy before – so it’s kinda redundant for me )  Sunfire is really cool, but he doesn’t have any props.  Angel would be great, but I always thought he was a bit lame ( I am doing an Arcangel sometime in the future, THAT would be cool, watch out for that ).

If you have any suggestions and preferences, just post them in the comments section.

That’s it for now, cheers!

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6 Responses to “WIP: The New Age of Apocalypse ( AOA ) Paper Toys”

  1. rayenyson says:

    don’t know if you like street fighter but it would be great if you try blanka on the brute template. thanks

  2. James Ronald Lo says:

    Hey Rayenyson,

    Blanka sounds interesting.
    I’m working on a template that would be perfect for him.
    I’ll add him to the list soon as possible.
    Just a bit busy at the moment 😉


  3. rayenyson says:

    I’ll be waiting for sure.
    Keep up the fantastic work!

  4. Michael says:

    Nightcrawler has always been one of my favorites. Sabertooth with a Wild Child “accessory” would be fun as well. I know, no accessories, but Colossus’ design is also pretty darn fantastic. Mondo from Generation Next maybe? I could keep going…

  5. James Ronald Lo says:

    Cool suggestions Michael. I was actually undecided with Colossus and Sabretooth. I was thinking of ways on how to simulate Colossus’ ” bulk ” while still using the contender template. Sabretooth AOA would be cool, adding a Wild Child accessory sparks some ideas. As for Night Crawler, I’ve always liked the character. Just not that too hot about his AOA costume LOL. Let me have a think. 😉

  6. James Ronald Lo says:

    Oh, and I actually prefer characters with accessories. And Mondo, I’m not familiar with at all. hehe.

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