Paper Toy Inspiration: Green “Arrow”, The TV Series!

June 13th, 2012

I’m sure you’ve seen this trailer floating around in cyber space.  I thought I’d share it here anyway, just in case.

From the trailer, the show seems promising.  Nothing against the fans, but I think “Arrow” is going to be much better than “Smallville”, just my view of course 😉  This is probably because Green Arrow is one of my favorite characters in the DC universe LOL.

And yes, I’m definitely releasing a Green Arrow paper toy in the future, I’ve always been a fan.  I loved the OVAs where he’s  featured in (Even his alternate version – the one where he sports a red hood instead of a green one).  I just need to decide on which costume to go with.  That said, as always, regarding the costume, please do give me  suggestions.

One thing’s for sure, I’m definitely going to make one with a hood, and not with the robin hood type hat. LOL.



Caption Tuesdays! no. 38

June 12th, 2012

Okay, it’s time to whip out your captioning skills, folks!

Yet another Avengers-related image to work with…

Caption Away!

Enter your cool caption for this image in the comments section below.

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The Villains Gallery Part 3B: The Joker!

June 12th, 2012

The Joker, the latest Crafty Collab is now available for download.

Many thanks go out to Austin Billingsley, for putting this villain together.  Austin’s many interests include art, music, and Godzilla.  He’s been doing digital painting for two years now and so far, he’s done around 60 of them.  Go check out some of his paintings here.  He uses a free drawing application called GIMP to create his paintings, he also used the same software to create the Joker template.

"Pick a card, any card..."

“I don’t wanna kill you, what would I do without you? Go back to rippin’ off mob dealers… no, no, no… no you, you complete me.”

Note that I did do some modifications on Austin’s original template.  This is so Joker gets to hold his pistol and cards.  For some tips on how do just that, go check out this series of  posts I made a while back.

Part1   Part2   Part3

I’m probably going to release a series of “how to” posts to show how to put together the templates released from this site, likely compile the TUTs in a separate page for easy access.  Hopefully a bunch of you will find that useful.

Okay, that’s it for now.

Come back next week to find out who the next Villain is going to be.



The Villains Gallery Part 3: The Joker Is Coming!

June 8th, 2012

Don’t tell me we didn’t warn you!  Batman’s bestest, best friend is coming very soon to a desktop near you.

Many, many thanks to Austin Bilingsley for sending his custom collab over.  It comes with a couple of nice “toys” for Joker to play around with.

“Let’s put a smile on that face!”

The template will be available for download next week.  Come back soon.


Caption Tuesdays! no. 37

June 5th, 2012

It’s Tuesday again!

More Avengers and Wolverine action!

Caption Away!

Enter your cool caption for this image in the comments section below.

Enter your cool caption for this image in the comments section below.

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The Villains Gallery Part 2

May 31st, 2012

Around 2 weeks ago, I wrote a post about wanting to create a series of paper toy based on mega, badass, super villains.  Days earlier, I came to a realization that the toys that I’ve been releasing lean more towards do-gooders.  The bad guys are getting the short end of the stick.  Obviously, we can’t have that.   For GOOD to exist, there has to be BAD to to rise up against – you get the picture, right?   Anyway, it seems a lot of you agreed.

Disney Villains, by, well... Disney

To all of you who suggested villains to add to the list, many, many thanks.  Here now is the current list of characters who made the cut for the very first Paper Toy Adventures Villains Gallery:

  • Loki
  • Joker
  • Magneto
  • Red Skull
  • Governor
  • Green Goblin
  • Doctor Doom
  • Doctor Octopus

Note that they are not arranged in any order whatsoever.  For the villain suggestions that didn’t make the cut, we can find a place for them in the next batches.

Come back in a few days and witness the beginning of the bad guy invasion 😉




Caption Tuesdays! no. 36

May 29th, 2012

Hello Everyone!

The new image is up and ready for captioning!  Featuring more of the Avengers, with a couple of guests.


Enter your cool caption for this image in the comments section below.

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Amon Paper Toy, Now Available!

May 28th, 2012

Here he is people!  The big baddy (so far) from Nickelodeon’s Legend of Korra animated series is now available to terrorize your desk – or should I say equalize?  Only you can tell.

Do you want me to take away your bending powers? Do ya!

For those of you who just joined us, this contender template is a bit different than the others.  It’s got a hood that can be tricky to put together.  For tips on how to assemble Amon, go check out this mini tutorial I wrote when I released Ezio last year.

You can download the template here.  Subscribe to this blog to receive the password in the mail and gain access to the downloads section.  Registration is free, just enter your email address in the subscribe field at the right-hand side of the page header.

Come back tomorrow for Caption Tuesdays!


Coming Soon: Legend of Korra’s Amon

May 25th, 2012

Amon, from Nickelodeon’s “Legend of Korra” series, is coming soon.

I’m luvin’ the series so far, more than the Aang series, I totally recommend watching it.

One of the cooler villains I've seen in a while.

This guy is cool in sooo many levels.  Even a chibi version of him looks so ominous.  Anyway, come back soon, I should be done with the template in a few days.


Guess Who Got Published!

May 24th, 2012

This marks one more personal milestone reached!

Construct Your Own Paper Robots, 35 unique, robot-inspired, toy designs – that’s a whole lot of time designing a whole lot of toys.

Construct Your Own Paper Robots

Pretty cool to see your name on the cover of a book. WOOHOO!

All toys are printed in full color, all of which are prefolded and perforated.  Just punch out the template from the page and glue as needed.  Perfect for kids of all ages (even the older-looking ones LOL).

3 Pets and a Baby

A robot with a brain, always cool!

These are repair bots, they come with a patient too.

Yes, they "volt" in. WuLongTi, if you're out there, this one's for you!

The butler did it.

Randy the Wrestler - reminds me of Crunch from Mighty Orbots!

Siege Horse by Marc Aldrin Collado

Scorpion Lobster by Carl Zeno Manalo

Many, many thanks to the great folks at CICO Books for inviting me to collaborate with them on this book.  I had a great time working with them.  The experience was a very enjoyable one!

A whole lot of thanks go out to Marc Aldrin Collado and Carl Zeno Manalo – two extremely talented artists who assisted me in preparing textures for the toys.  They also designed two of the robots in the book.

Lastly, thanks to my family, who provided inspiration for the toys, and for leaving me alone while I was working on them LOL.  LuvYa!

So what are you waiting for?  Go get yourselves 2 copies of this book – one to assemble, and one to keep.




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